Oslo Conference of ESIL : The Judicialization of International Law – A Mixed Blessing?

Oslo speakers

The 11th Annual Conference in Oslo brought together some interesting papers for the interest Group under the Question: ‘Has feminist theory had any substantive effect on the output of International Courts and/or Tribunals?’.

  • Akayesu’s Rape Definition: an illustration of feminist influence?, Christine M.G. Tremblay, Leiden University
  • Crossing lines but not bridges: International law, gender and the future of the International Criminal Court, Olga Juraz Open University
  • Gender stereotyping and the Strasbourg Court’s (Non)Engagements with Feminist Legal Thought, Lourdes Peroni and Alexandra Timmer, Ghent University
  • The ICJ Croatia v. Serbia Genocide Judgement: A Feminist Assessment, Enzamaria Tramatana, University of Palemo Italy
  • Exploring ICJ’s (Dis)engagement with Feminism Separate and Dissenting Opinions as an Indicator, Ekaterina Yahyaoui Krivenko, NUI Galway University

The interest Group was also happy to have some members attend the Women in International Law Happy Hour hosted by Professor Cecilia Bailliet, many thanks for the warm welcome in Oslo.